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We want to support people to reach their full life, leadership and career potential.

And whatever their chosen path, assist them to make a positive difference to the world and the people around them.

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Brain Based Leadership Development
for Future and High Performing
21st Century Leaders

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What does C21L mean?

C21L stands for “21st Century leadership”. It is a model of leadership, ecompasing tools, coaching and assessments, that has been designed to meet the demands of a 21st Century workplace.

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What is so different about the 21st Century workplace?

The 21st century business environment can be a hugely difficult and stressful environment to operate and succeed in. 


The accelerating pace of technological change, higher tthan ever service expectations and a 24/7 email culture are just some of the things that are contributing to business environments that are high on demand and heavy on stress. Throw in the modern business mantra of everything wanted ‘faster, cheaper and better’, as well as the latest COVID-19 challenges and it’s easy to see the modern business world as constantly increasing in volatility, uncertainty complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).


This context, which is often summarised in the Acronym VUCA, creates a set of circumstances which can be extremely challenging when it comes to meeting performing to the best of our abilities and meeting the demanding expectations of stakeholders.

Put simply, the role of the leader has never been so difficult than it is now. 

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The Key Principles Behind the C21L 

The key principles of C21L are drawn from neuroscience, social and cognitive psychology and....

  • takes account of the particular pressures and context of a 21st century workplace

  • is evidence based in relevant science and industry best practise

  • promotes leadership skills for both ‘WHAT’ leaders need to achieve and ‘HOW’ they need to behave in doing so

  • complements management development

  • supports leadership development as an ongoing, self-managed career journey

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Who Should Use the Framework?

C21 Leadership Development is for you if you:

  • are in a leadership position and want to develop to stand out

  • are an aspiring leader, who wants to evolve a leading edge leadership style from the get go

  • know that your leadership is missing an edge in the 21st century context

  • want to be a rounded, flexible and connected leader

  • know that the success of leadership is rooted in the facilitation of success in both yourself and those you lead

  • want to have a demonstrable edge over other leaders

  • want to be a more marketable leader to employers

  • support the development of other leaders in your workplace

Port of Leith Housing Association

Acknowledgement is gratefully made of the Port of Leith Housing Association Group for their commitment to the C21L concept and support in original development of the C21L Wheel


C21L has been designed, created and brought to life by Anne and Alan MacNab, a wife and husband team from Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Anne MacNab 


On graduating in Management Science and Psychology, Anne worked extensivley with Global drinks manufacturer Diageo in a range of senior and people development roles both acrosss the UK and Internationally. After 15 years working in industry Anne setup as an independent People and Organisational Consultant and for the last 16 years has worked with an extensive client base.

Anne is highly skilled and vastly experienced Executive Coach, holding a Certificate in Executive Coaching. She is an expert DiSC® behavioural analysis practitioner, a licensed EQi 2.0® Emotional Intelligence practioner and is trained in i4 Neuroleadership and Clean Language Coaching tools. She also has a certificate in Neuroscience, as applied to organisational and professional development. 


Anne is also the creator of the STRETCH Neuro-Leadership development framework© and the C21L Wheel Leadership Framework©.

Alan MacNab


As a graduate of both Stirling and Strathclyde Univeristies, Alan spent 15 years as an accredited PRINCE2® and MSP® Project and Programme Management Consultant delivering complex multi-million pound change initiatives across many multi-national companies and government agenices across the UK. 

Refocussing his extensive change management skills and experience to the world of sport,  Alan has spent the last 15 years delivering high performance, grassroots and business projects to a range of high profile UK based Governing Bodies of Sport.

Alan is additionally accredited as a EQi 2.0® Emotional Intelligence and DiSC® practioner and has over 10 years experience mentoring and coaching staff, senior managers and Directors to achieve their business vision and personal goals.

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