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Leadership Coaching

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We Offer a Range of Leadership Coaching Services and Assesment Tools to Support You on Your C21 Leadership Journey. 

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Brain Based Leadership Skills Development
for Future and High Performing
21st Century Leaders

Assessment Feedback  Coaching

To support you on your C21L leadership journey we offer a range of EQi 2.0 ® Emotional Intelligence Assesments and DiSC ® Behavioural Insight reports. 

Whilst reports conain great detail about your strenghts and areas of further development, we would always strongly advise recipeints to seek the services of our Coaches to really explore the full value of the reports and the feedback they contain.

C21L Wheel

The C21 Wheel provides users with leadership development  and brain related insight into 9 core themes of development as well a further 37 supporting skills and associated resoruces.

Whilst the C21L programme is designed to be self-paced and self managing, we can ofer additional Coaching services to support you in any area of the wheel that requires a deeper level of exploration, support and challenge.

STRETCH" Leadership  Coaching

The "STRETCH" Leadership Coaching programme supports individuals working through 8 weeks of supported leadership assessment and coaching.

Focusing on the workings of the Leadership Brain and the Eqi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence framework, candidates work with our Consultants on a challenging course of self- discovery and objective setting.

Executive Leadership  Coaching

C21L Executve Coaching is utlimately about supporting senior leaders to see alternative ways of improving bottom line organisational productivity and profitability.


Recognising the gains to be made through cognitive approaches to leadership, our C21L Executive Coaching will challenge you on how you and your teams approach business results and personal growth.

Leadership Development Tools We Use

C21L Leadership Wheel

C21L Leadership Wheel®

The C21L Wheel details the "WHAT" and "HOW" of effective Leadership. Focussing on evidence based Brain science and research, the Wheel covers the 9 key themes and 37 skills that define the modern-day leader.


Applicable to individuals or on an organisation-wide scale, the C21L Wheel can be accessed via our Learning Management System (LMS) Portal. Built to house our modules, lessons and extensive resources, the LMS is simple to access and navigate. 

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EQi 2.0® Assessments and Coaching

The EQ-i 2.0 framework is the worlds most widely used measure of leadership emotional intelligence

Based on extensive study and research the EQ-i 2.0 questionnaire measures emotional intelligence in 5 composite areas with 15 separate sub-scales by asking participants how frequently they use different emotional skills. 

The EQ 360 assessment provides a more detailed analysis by collating input from an individual's peers, work colleagues, manager and direct reports, resulting in a more complete 360-degree profile

DISC Assessment and Coaching

Everything DiSC® Assessments and Coaching

Thhe Everything DiSC framework offers a  wide range of detailed questionaires and assessment reports designed to help individuals better understand themselves AND others.


Whether improving personal interactions, working relationships, strengthening management skills, elevating leadership impact, or tackling conflict, Everything DiSC profile assessment delivers leadership insights and strategies to meet the unique needs of 21st century leaders

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