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Leadership Skills Development
for Long-Term Career Success

Learn and Master the Leadership Skills for the 21st Century

Whether you are a graduating student just embarking on your career, a developing Manager or Senior Executive, our aim is to give you the leadership skills, development tools and brain science insights that will transform the way you perform, lead, work with others, and succeed in your chosen path.

Dare to Be a Different Leader.

Our Services

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The C21L Wheel details the "WHAT" and "HOW" of effective Leadership. Focussing on Brain science the Wheel covers the 9 important themes and 37 leadership skills that define the modern-day leader. Applicable to individuals or on an organisation-wide scale, click on the button below to learn more about accessing the C21L Leadership Wheel

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We offer customised leadership coaching programmes that can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a Board member, a Senior Executive, a Team Leader or starting off in your leadership journey we can help.

Our accredited Coaches have a wealth of experience and are adept at both challenging you and supporting you to greater levels of performance and success.

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Our Consultants are certified and are vastly experienced in the delivery of the EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence and Wiley DISC assessements tools. Extensively used throughout the world, these online leadership assessments provide great insights for individuals and teams alike. For more infomation on the wide range of reports  available, click of the button below.

C21L Principles

The key principles of C21Leadership are drawn from neuroscience, social and cognitive psychology. It takes account of the particular pressures and context of a 21st century workplace.

It is evidence based in relevant science and industry best practise.
Promotes leadership skills for both ‘WHAT’ leaders need to achieve and ‘HOW’ they need to behave in doing so. Complements management development and supports leadership development as an ongoing, self-managed career journey.

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Leadership Needs
to Evolve

Leader meeting a group

The leadership styles of previous

times need to evolve to meet the needs of the "new normal".

Traditional heroic or command and control leadership styles cannot achieve sustainable results in the 21st Century workplace.

Good People Value
Good Leadership

Black leader in office

Success in the 21st Century workplace needs well connected, flexible and collaborative working approaches.

Organisations need leaders who can create that and the best employees will gravitate to where it is provided.

Leadership is About
‘What’ and ‘How’

what and how of leadership

Achieving results, the ‘what’ of leadership, in the 21st Century context requires psychological safety – allowing employees to feel safe to be flexible and responsive. 


Creating psychological safety lies in ‘how’ we behave as leaders.

C21 Leadership Introduction Video

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All Videos

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